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Today I picked up more garbage from the beach while I watched the sunrise in Padre Island. I was pleased to see that there was less garbage than last time.

Thank you so much for testing, sharing, and providing feedback for GF!

Today I helped my daugther find her favourite books at a new library. When she said thank you, I said, "give forward." She's learning about being generous every day.

I just shared about this website on my Facebook profile :)

Last week at the restaurant, I overheard a customer loudly complain to a waitress who was obviously having a hard day already. Before I left, I told her she was doing a great job. I don't currently have a printer, but I hope I made her day a little easier and that she'll give forward.

Yesterday I picked up garbage at the beach. I don't currently have a printer, but I hope folks will give forward, even without a card.