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A place to remind ourselves and others to multiply the kindness and generosity we receive.

Give Forward is a place to encourage generosity in our everyday lives. Whether it be buying a cup of coffee or helping a neighbor move a couch, pass out our free cards and tell those you help to give forward.

What is Give Forward?

Give Forward is a website designed to encourage and remind people of everyday generosity by creating a space for thanking others and sharing the spirit of caring and kindness.

What are some examples of giving forward?

It could be as simple as picking up a pencil someone dropped, returning a wallet, buying someone a cup of coffee, or giving a donation to a charitable fund on someone's behalf.

How do I give forward?

  1. Sign up and print your Give Forward cards
  2. Make someone's life a little easier by helping in any way you can
  3. Pass them a Give Forward card and tell them to Give it Forward!

What can I do here?

  • Visit a profile of someone who has helped you and leave a comment
  • See the home page for an unfiltered feed of people thanking others and spreading the love
  • Create your own profile and print cards to share and encourage others to give forward
  • Document your own giving by leaving a comment on your own profile.

Most recent reactions to people giving forward:

Today I picked up more garbage from the beach while I watched the sunrise in Padre Island. I was pleased to see that there was less garbage than last time.

20181002 130045
Here's a picture of a red sands beach in Prince Edward Island, Canada. I took this picture in October of 2018, and I hope it brightens up your day.

Tags: beach
20180925 142728
Here's a picture of the Atlantic ocean as viewed from the Newfoundland-North Sydney ferry. I took it in September 2018, and I hope it brightens up your day.

20181212 104120
Here's a picture of Cypress Land Reserve in Lake Martin, Lousiana. I took in December 2018, and I hope it brightens up your day.

20190109 073555 1
Here's a photo of a bird in flight. I took it today on Padre Island, Texas, and I hope it brightens up your day.

20190109 074503 1
Here's a photo of the sunrise on Padre Island, Texas, this morning. I took this photo today and I hope it brightens up your day.

Tags: sunrise